John Pinder Threatens To Shut Down The Town

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Wonders never cease.  Carvel Francis on his What’s App site pointed out that Obie Ferguson. Head of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and John Pinder, best cialis Head of the National Congress Of Trade Unions, cannot get together on Labour Day for one march but here they are standing up together last week, with John Pinder threatening to shut the whole town down if the government does not intervene in the Sandals labour dispute.  The dispute is over what Sandals did and that is what it usually does when it doesn’t want a union presence on its property.  It closed down the hotel it said for repairs and then fired all the people, then immediately had a job fair to take on 600 workers to replace the 600 hundred they fired.  Everyone knows that this is the modus operandi of Sandals and its owner Butch Stewart throughout the Caribbean.  The Union here in The Bahamas got outsmarted by pushing the envelope too far and in the end the last state is worse for them than the first.  Sandals knows that an election is coming soon and the Government even if it wanted to be muscular in its response to the move does not have the time, nor the attention span to deal with this problem.  Anyway, the Union group got their meeting with the Prime Minister, who promised to have the legal representations they made put to the Attorney General with a view to seeing if Sandals has in fact violated the law.   A footnote for Mr. Pinder and the answer to Carvel Francis is that Mr. Pinder is running for office.  He wants to be the MP in Fox Hill so he is trying to up his visibility.   Poor fellow. He can’t solve the work of trade unions but trying to represent people in the House.