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The Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle, who has a less than stellar reputation for being upfront, told an informant that if he could produce proof that John Pinder, the FNM Candidate for Fox Hill, still had the Government’s car in his possession, he would pay him 1000 dollars. That was on 22 July 2021.  We don’t know how it turned out.

However, on 21 July 2021 one day after declaring that he was
retired : from the public service, John Pinder, was seen painting his FNM headquarters in Fox Hill with the government car parked up in front of the building. Bold as bookie.

Mr. Pinder was confronted by the press about the matter and his reply was that he still had the car because he intended to buy the car.

Well since he “intended” to buy the car, that meant that the car was still the Government’s car.  Right?  He said he was retired and that means he was no longer a Government employee.

Questions: Is this a sweetheart deal?  Given what he said about not accepting the nomination until the FNM fixed his pension, was this part of the deal to get him to take the nomination for Fox Hill?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  370,470;
Number of hits for the month of July up to Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  1,243,234;
Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  8,550,482.