Johnson Says Build Out Of Your Pocket

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Poor Elsworth Johnson, the Minister for Legal Affairs as a Minister of State in the Attorney General’s office, thought he was saying something homey and bright when he ventured into the debate on land being transferred to the Minister of Housing on Wednesday 30th January.  People were talking about affordable homes.  He ventured forth that people should not go to the bank but build homes out of their pockets.  That did not for some reason go down well. We know what he was trying to say but it came off as someone who like most of his other colleagues was simply out of touch with ordinary people who simply have no money to build a house out of their pockets. Never mind, although chastened, he had help with another bumbler in the Senate, the man who marched for a Senate seat Renard Henfield. He boasted about how he built his home out of his pocket.  These are some rich people we have in the FNM in Parliament.