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viagra buy for sale times;”>(The photo shows Police Constable Edmund Lewis Jr. being led to court in Nassau before a Magistrate on Friday 23rd January to be charges with offences related to the circulation of graphic sexual videos allegedly with a minor and without the consent of the parties – Editor)

“JUICIN” is an expression that Bahamians use to describe sex, a kind of raw secret and satisfying sex, with the connotation of nasty wickedness in it.   All during the past two weeks on the closed ended What’s App groups, on Facebook and on Twitter,  Bahamians have been sharing photos of politicians and various scenes in The Bahamas with the legend “ JUICIN” or some derivative thereof, mainly aimed at dissing the PLP and the Government.  The idea it appears is that some opposition people are running the campaign that the PLP somehow “ juiced” the Bahamian people or some use the continuous tense “ juicing”  but all of it is a polite expression to say the Bahamian people have been fucked or are being fucked by the PLP.  This is all too clever by half and outrageous nonsense but such is the bankruptcy of the FNM, the DNA and the other assorted nasties and trolls around that the campaign is being run.

You may remember our comments a few weeks ago when the morally indignant Cable Bahamas, got up on their high horse, and in the name of moral purity, fired or more accurately suspended the young teenage singer Angelique Sabrina because of a video, allegedly circulated by a boyfriend of her in flagrante delicto and using a remote control to do the unspeakable.  They pulled her contract until further notice, that is, until the investigation was complete, to determine the facts.  We will of course never see her again on their promos we suspect.  Her image is no longer family wholesome, they would argue.  We said that she was the victim in the whole thing and the moral outrage was ringing just a little hollow in a society where sex infuses everything from morning through the noon and into the night and morning again and privacy has gone out of the window.

At the time of the Angelique Sabrina issue,  we made some broader comments about sexuality about privacy in the common era.  For example, we  said it was surprising that Cable Bahamas would take the position that they did since every youngster in this milieu seems to have lost the division between what is private and what is public.  You have reporters who record politicians on the phone and don’t tell them they are being recorded and they use the material and think nothing of it.  You have half naked or naked pictures of youngsters everywhere and even oldsters, tattoos on every part and on Facebook.  Yet Cable Bahamas chose to take a stand on that questionable moral and ethical platform.

We called it what we saw it as: a bunch of phoniness and fakery.  Much ado about nothing.

The latest cataclysm for The Bahamas on this platform now are some videos that have been circulating during the past week which purport to be a policeman “juicin” some women.  People identified the policeman.  They then circulated an audio which heard his girlfriend and her friends cussin him out for secretly filming their sexual escapades.  Then there was another video which allegedly shows the policeman being beaten by a woman who is outraged that he filmed her having sex with him and circulated the videos.   The matter was said to have been reported to the police.  The police responded with unusual alacrity, after all this was a case of morality at stake, a supposedly an under aged woman.  The Facebook legal experts said that even though a woman can “juice “at 16 legally, you can’t film someone under 18 and circulate it because that would be child pornography and worse you canot do it without their permission.


Then on Friday 23rd January, the policeman Edmund Lewis Jr. was hauled before the courts, some say he was summarily dismissed, charged with offences connected with the video and not granted bail.  On what basis we don’t know but he was refused bail would be interesting.  It is favourite trick of the morally outraged police to take you to court late on a Friday, objecting to bail knowing that once bail is refused it’s only the Supreme Court you will have to go to and it’s impossible to do that on a Friday so you have to spend the weekend in jail.   Was he a flight risk?  Probably not.  Was he going to interfere with witnesses? Probably not.  There is also said to be another officer in custody who is to be charged.

We want to be careful here

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. Given the success of prosecutions in this town, we wouldn’t put a bet on the success of this one.  That is the first thing.  Secondly, this is just another bunch of phoniness, all the outrage about this.  Here we go again.  We end where we begin.  This society is infused with it, everywhere you go.  The kids are soaking in it on their Facebook pages and on Twitter and What’s App and all the other sites.  Privacy is largely out the window.  We agree that if there are genuine issues of consent here, then we think it ought to be prosecuted but too often, what we find when the passions have cooled down and all the excitement gone, that the facts simply don’t add up to the moral outrage.

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