Julian Believe Explains How Junkanoo Must Change

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Photo by: Peter Ramsay

HISTORIC MOMENT: For 3 years @thecelebrityartist and I petitioned to be apart of a shift that could potentially create a platform for other creatives in the 🇧🇸. I was glutted with attending the Parade and witnessing persons falling asleep or the energy of the entire parade die as we Patrons along with the tourist waited tirelessly for the next group to pass. The lulls were sometimes 30-60 mins, enough time to have a performance 🕺🏿 This photo isn’t just a photo, this is the start of a new addition to the National Parade Junkanoo where every year Patrons can look forward to seeing their favorite artist from the Bahamas perform. Thanks to Minister @rollelanisha2018 @rowenasutherland and her team for creating the opportunity and being so Forward thinking… Remember to Believe in yourself when no one else does. Put a 👏🏾 if you believe in change.