Justice Jeanne Thompson The Contrarian

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All her life, she has been known as a freedom fighter and a bit of an iconoclast, first as playwright and then as writer in the press. Then she became a Judge of the Supreme Court and well the record is there of some libertarian stuff. Now she is retired; she writes occasionally in the newspaper.  Mainly thoughtful. But one of her former schoolmates describes her latest intervention as that of a contrarian.  Said the commentator, she has been that way from school time.  The PLP has  similar consternation as she accused the PLP of getting it wrong with regard to the Government’s decision on the Covid 19 virus proclamation. She was therefore putting herself in the company of FNM trolls, including the Free National Movement’s Attorney General. who haven’t as  they say got a lick of sense. Here was the PLP’s response to her letter to the editor:

24th March 2020

The comments in today’s media attributed to the Attorney General are, with all due respect, inaccurate, misplaced and a misstatement on the position of the PLP regarding the government’s response and handling of the COVID-19 health threat.

Contrary to Mr. Bethel’s opinion, the record is clear that the Opposition always appreciated the medical advice regarding COVID-19 and communicated the same publicly on multiple occasions and platforms – via the party’s Leader, its Chairman and its COVID-19 task force co-chaired by a medical doctor and an expert (Ph.D. trained) in public health.

The use of the word “now” – suggesting that we have only just come to understand the nature of the crisis – is a poor choice of words.

Our view and objection to the first order had to do with its imposition without consultation with the Opposition which might have resulted in some of its provisions being properly or differently drafted. Our position is vindicated through the Attorney General himself and the Prime Minister who have amended the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (NO. 1) Order, 2020 three times since announcing the first order on 19th March 2020.

Please set the record straight with this.

Additionally, I saw a letter in the Nassau Guardian penned by former Justice Jeanne Thompson suggesting again that somehow the Opposition got it wrong the first time. With due respect, that assertion is inaccurate.

The course of events clearly shows that the PLP got it right the first time and it was the Government that has had to change its position several times.