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The Punch is the progenitor of much of  the nastiness in public life we experience today. Its owners have no conscience and are without moral anchor.  The same is for the writers there. No matter they’re dressed up in fancy clothes, it looks like their disdain for propriety has totally lost its anchor. Catherine Kelly proves it; what we had long suspected.

Monday 10 August 2020 Catherine Kelly, the columnist and daughter of another columnist Niki Kelly wrote in the down market rag The Punch: “We must ban all Bahamians from foreign travel for the next six months.  However, rich white  visitors who still want to come here, and can prove they are free of the virus, should be allowed to bring themselves and their money into our country.

“Yes it is racists  and discriminatory and whatever else you care to call it.  And you can tell me about it when the crisis has passed.”

Ms. Kelly is  just like a lot of people in the country today over this false panic over Covid 19.  They are losing their cotton picking minds.

The owner of The Punch has miscreant racist  hankerings, learned from his training in the British press. Niki Kelly, the mother of Catherine, worked at The Tribune where Etienne Dupuch and Eileen Carron, the father and daughter owners, could barely withhold their disdain for Black people and the Black government.  Ms. Kelly is actually Greek by ancestry.  The Greek community is generally the liberal side of the Bahamian White community having  been victims of discrimination themselves.

But you know racism abounds everywhere. And as you see with Donald Trump in the United States, there is no need to disguise it anymore.  You just say it outright.

But let’s get this right. If Ms. Kelly were to have her way, the rich Black couple that vacations every year in February for four weeks, taking a house in Lyford Cay, would no longer be welcome.  We will send them a letter now.

The younger Ms. Kelly probably thought she was doing something great by being so frank.  But in doing what she did, we can  now tell her the same thing the Blacks in the U S said to Bill Maher.  You ain’t allowed to call a Black man a nigga, not even in jest.  Ms. Kelly’s statement was outright racist. She admitted it. She’s proud of it.  That tells you what is really on her mind, even as she smiles on the rest of us.  It tells us what she really thinks about the majority population. 

But don’t hold your breath for any apology anytime soon.  In this era when white privilege is king and in the era of the Uncle Toms of the FNM and the era  of Hubert Minnis, you can say anything to and about Black people and get clean away. We Black people apparently have to just suck it up and move on. Their ma!