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Minister of Works Desmond Bannister in his signature coat.

Dear Editor.

Watching this evening news, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with the Minister Of Works Desmond Bannister, putting.

Joseph in Bible times known for the coat of many colours the “Honourable Minister” have put Joseph to shame with the coat he

Had on giving a press statement on National TV. This evening 24/01/2019.

Do these leaders and supposedly role models know any better? What can inspire him to go into a store & purchase. or have it made?

And seemed to be quite unashamedly comfortable wearing it. What a bunch of misfits that’s leading us?

I’m so baffled words can’t describe my thoughts on this “HONOURABLE MAN” who you would think knows better.

The Junkanoo season is over dear Minister, take a look at the PM’s, and the opposition leader style of dressing. STATELY SIR!!!

Kelly D Burrows

Freeport Grand Bahama

PO BOX F42977

Telephone 373 7126