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Dear Editor.

Watching the ZNS 6.30. PM, newscast this evening 06/14/2016. I was baffled to see the disrespect & disdain given to the duly elected. MP, for the said area, on the opening of. Stat Oil’s New Administration Building. When are we as a civil society eradicate our small minds away from the third world mentality, and be rid of once for all of the practice of incivility? Was the MP only invited to be snubbed and to be embarrassed as he was made to be? Was it an oversight not to even mentioned him in your vote of thanks? In all due respect to. Senator. Tanisha Tynes who lost her bid in the 2012 general election for the area, the good Senator was invited to bring remarks, when the Elected MP, was not even recognized, or participated in the ceremony. It’s an insult to all, be you PLP or FNM, to endure such affront. Can this be right? As a corporate citizen, who should know better, they have been here long enough to understand the culture, and not be playing politics. Is this any way to behave as a guest in our country? Who gave you that right? Was it a deliberate act?

The principals at Stat Oil needs to repent for their ancient behavior. This is 2016, the behavior displayed, cannot, and should not be tolerated in this country, where we all should be unified and not practicing dichotomy, we are beyond that!!!

Kelly D. Burrows
Freeport Grand Bahama

P.O F42977  
Telephone 373 7126