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Can someone explain to me the reason for the treatment of. Monique Gomez the President of the women’s association of the FNM, who was denied the nomination for the South Beach Constituency, after working assiduously in the area non-stop from the last election to be treated with such disdain. Mr. Howard “Bambozzle” Johnson who lost in the Central Eleuthera constituency by less than 70 votes, was nominated for South Beach, my understanding, being encouraged and given the blessings off the leadership and undermining of Monique over a year ago, in working the area. Why wasn’t he re-nominated, in the constituency where he lost by a slim margin? as Shonell Ferguson, who was slaughtered in Fox Hill. Dr. Duane Sands, a two time loser in Elizabeth. Inquiring minds would like to know what crime have Monique committed to be treated in such a discourteous manner???

Kelly D. Burrows
Freeport. Grand Bahama 

P.O Box F42977 
Telephone 373 7126