Kelly Burrows Pays Tribute To Felix Seymour

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discount cialis ambulance times;”>The following tribute was delivered by Kelly Burrows, ed retired hotelier, in tribute to the late Felix Seymour, retired pioneering hotelier who was buried from Christ The King Anglican Church on 12 March. He was 87 years old and not 82 as reported last week: 



Lord let me know mine end; and the number of my days that I may be certified how long I have to live.

On behalf of my family, my sincerest condolences goes out to you the children, grandchildren, family members & friends. We have come here this morning to pay our respects to a man who was loved & admired by all that he came in contact with.

Nothing can bring him back, and nothing can erase the life he led, the difference he made, the joy he brought, we can only hope that even in grief we can take pride and solace in the gratitude all the rest of us have for the arduous service he gave.
Some people walk through life, but the beat of his drum was extraordinary. And like the prophet Job, who said, though he slay me, yet will I trust him. Through his suffering. Felix remained faithful to God to the very end. Let us take comfort in the fact that his suffering is over. He had reached, & surpassed that promised three score and ten, and have gone to join his wife, Nettie and all the others to that heavenly home.

Felix’s name was a household word in the hospitality industry he embodied the old school values, serving well over the many, many years, and never seeking recognition, being in that group of earliest Bahamians after two stints, graduating from the esteemed Cornell University. And the American Hotel Motel Institute. He was very poetic and a student of Shakespeare!!!
Many Sunday mornings after mass a group of us, including Michael Edwards. The late. Sonny Martin & Junior Grant, a former Princess engineering employee, who also felt. F. A’s termination wrath a few times, would have breakfast at Geneva’s, if the topic seemed to be going awry, he would remind the group that “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands” CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE TRIBUTE