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Dear. Editor


Watching this evening’s 7.00 pm newscast on ZNS. 07/11/2016. It mystified me to see the obesity that exist of so called leaders in our country who want to lead us. When they themselves don’t contribute to a healthy life style from their appearance, including some Government officials, who won’t be around, if they don’t take themselves in hand quickly, and do something with their present condition. 

What example are you setting to attract persons to you, when you’re a candidate for all the symptoms that come with old age and yes, obesity contribute to strokes, high blood pressures, hypertension, and the strain on the heart and kidneys, just to name a few of the maladies. Try and do something with yourselves, before seeking the support of a now civilized society, your appearance will sell you, currently you can personally make that sacrifice and correct that, try getting up and taking in some form of exercise. When is the last time you had a physical examination?  

God help us, if we fall for what is spewing forth from some of you.  


Kelly D. Burrows