Kelly Burrows Writes On Loretta Butler Turner

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buy viagra times, serif;”>kelly_burrowsDear Editor.

It’s so sad when we as Bahamians have no respect in desecrating some of our finest ladies in our country. Don’t we have mothers, sisters? Are they scorned when they stand up for what they believe? Or, the cave man mentality where the only purpose for a woman is to be your personal slave, stay home have babies, keep the house clean, remain uneducated, you think and dictate what she can and cannot do? Is that your definition of a scorn woman, if so, does your mother, sister falls into that category? what a sad state of affairs in the 21st century that some of you are still living in the dark ages in disrespecting one of our most worthy and highly qualified lady in resorting to go in the gutter. Michelle Obama, said it so well “when they go low, we go high” 

Kelly D. Burrows

Freeport Grand Bahama