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Below is part of a statement from a letter to the Editor of the Tribune on February 24, 2016 regarding Mr. Michael Scott, the learned QC, who negotiated the Lucayan sale with Royal Caribbean, who now says it’s a bad deal, in contradiction to the Minister. The Honourable. Dionisio D’Aguilar who stated that it’s a good deal, who are we to believe?

Mr. Scott’s scurrilous attack on The Honourable. Prime Minister as noted below, causes you to wonder what is his agenda? He’s a loose cannon!

In the meantime, he was rewarded by being appointed Chairman of The Hotel Corporation.

Then we have the Speaker. Mr. Halson Moultrie and Mr. Ruben Rahming giving ultimatum on their needs, there’s an Honourable thing that honourable men do when they find themselves in an unhappy situation, that is to resign.

Do you think under the Honourable Hubert Ingraham’s administration this type of disrespect would of been tolerated? Perish the thought!

Who’s in charge of the Country? You have all these neophytes showing  no regards for authority without any consequences.

May I use your forum to pose some questions to attorney Michael Scott, who is obviously extremely against Dr Minnis as leader of the Free National Movement.

First of all, you have made the statement that Minnis “lacks support of the white Bahamians”. Pray tell, who made you spokesman for white Bahamians? If you have a beef with Dr Minnis or if you don’t support him for your own personal reasons, then stand on your own two feet, but don’t drag your entire race into it with you! Furthermore, do you really think their money is what is going to determine whether Dr Minnis wins or loses? Think about it! L O Pindling did not have the financial support of the average white Bahamian, but that didn’t keep him out of power! The PLP has never had the financial support of the average white Bahamian, but that didn’t keep them from winning the last election!

You get up on national radio and rip Dr Minnis’ plan for tax-free zones to shreds. Have you at least seen the blueprint? Have you asked to meet with Dr Minnis and given him any suggestions or offered any help or advice?”

Kelly. D Burrows

Freeport Grand Bahama 

PO. Box F 42977

Telephone 373 7126