Kendal Major’s “Non Statement” Statement

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Speaker of The House of Assembly Dr. Kendal Major had some strong words of a non-denial denial for the Nassau Guardian on 22 July. The country is interested in who the young people in the PLP are that the Prime Minister Perry Christie was referring to when he said that he was staying on because they asked him to do so.  He also said that he was a stabilizing force if he stayed on, giving the impression that the PLP would fall apart if he left.  His Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis said fiddlestick to that the next day.  He said the PLP will go on if Mr. Christie left. Then Philip Galanis and George Smith scorched the earth in attacking Mr. Christie over the statement. They are both former PLP MPs.   The press then went to Kendal Major, the Speaker, who said it certainly wasn’t him but he said he has some strong views on the subject which he could not share with the press but he had very strong views on the matter. This only seemed to suggest that he did not support it at all.  So said the commentators, if it wasn’t Kendal Major, and it wasn’t Brave Davis who did that leave?