Kenny Anthony Loses The Election In St Lucia

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Former St Lucian PM Kenny Anthony 

Michael Allen Chastanet new PM St Lucia 

The general election took place in our sister Caricom nation St Lucia on Monday 6th June.  Kenny Anthony, the Prime Minister and the head of the St Lucia Labour Party, lost the election with 11 seats to the Opposition United Worker’s Party and with Mr. Anthony ending up with 6.  Mr. Anthony promptly resigned as leader of the Party.  The issue was probably the economy.  The times are tough in the Caribbean and like The Bahamas; there is no end in sight to the economic contraction and more importantly for this purpose the dissatisfaction of voters with anyone who is an incumbent.  The Opposition was in disarray right up to the eve of the election, fighting between the new leader and now Prime Minister Michael Allen Chastanet and Stephenson King who served as Prime Minister in a previous UWP government.  They patched it all up and won the government.  This is a lesson.  We in The Bahamas keep thinking that the public is interested and concerned about the fighting in the FNM.  Could it be that they are not even paying attention and it matters not when the election is called?  The FNM is the alternative.  Be warned.