Keod Smith Responds – Continued…

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cialis usa sildenafil times;”>Today, viagra sale salve Louis Bacon continues to use his massive wealth to attempt to punish me for my bravery and courage to expose him for what he is and stands for.

Therefore, it is of absolutely no surprise to me and my family that The Tribune and The Punch, in their 10th March 2016 editions, publish stories which are a cacophony of lies and deceit, all calculated and intended to cause me harm while sheltering and saving Mr. Bacon from further exposure of his questionable activities, flawed character and his family’s life long history as pioneers of the KKK in the USA.

I issue this statement to firstly defend my professional, ethical and humanitarian integrity against the vicious and patently false assertions and allegations contained in The Tribune and The Punch newspapers of Thursday March 10th 2016, both of which amazingly refers to a Writ of Summons which was only just filed in the Supreme Court the day before.

I deny in their entirety, the assertions and allegations that either in my personal or professional capacity, I have been involved or I am involved in any criminal conduct and behavior against the persons identified in the stories that appears in the two referenced publications.

I deny most vehemently the insidious and reprehensible assertions and allegation that I “hired Hit men” to “kill” the persons identified in the referenced newspaper stories.

I put the Bahamian people and my accusers on notice that I will defend myself most vigorously in every court of law on Planet Earth to enshrine my integrity, my innocence and to expose the liars and fraudsters behind these fraudulent assertions and untruthful allegations.

By abusing the privilege of the Courts, Louis Bacon and Fred Smith QC, have sunk to an all-time lowest of the low.

That being as it may, the Bahamian People need to know the following facts:-

  1.     I have never been associated with nor have I ever met with to discuss in any shape or form, or otherwise have any conversation with the two men identified in the Tribune as being “paid thugs” and “criminals”, and the persons behind the Affidavits that are referenced in this abuse of the process of the Court.   If Messrs. Louis Bacon, Fred Smith and their associates were and are so afraid of these men for their personal safety, how is that these two men became their bosom buddies and private house and  business guests?
  2.     By the very terms Bacon uses in The Tribune publication to describe Bullard and Davilma as “paid thugs” and “criminals”, the Bahamian people would recognize that it was published that these very two men were paid by Fred Smith QC, Louis Bacon and the Plaintiffs for their false information about me.  
  3.     Save the Bays under the leadership of Fred Smith QC and Louis Bacon, is being run true to form on the very same mold of the vicious white racists from whom Louis Bacon is descended.  They have invaded various organizations in our country, use their vast wealth to buy influence and dole out inducements, and get greedy, unprincipled men and women to help sell their own back into slavery.
  4.     The Bahamian people would be aware that today, in the USA, there is still a storm brewing over the endorsement by the former leader of the KKK, David Duke of Donald Trump, another USA Billionaire businessman who, like Louis Bacon, have not denounced the KKK and what it stands for.  People of goodwill everywhere are quite rightly opposed to what the KKK stands for and represents.
  5.     Mr. Bacon can use his billions to hound me in the Courts of Law and to use concerted public relations and media platforms in his attempt to discredit me and or to cause me to suffer in my personal and professional capacities. Be that as it may, his money will never wash the blood from his hands of the hundreds of Negro men, women and children whom his great grandfather caused to be slaughtered in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898.