Keod Smith Responds To The Tribune

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cialis usa viagra times;”>11 March 2016

no rx times;”>Statement issued by Keod Smith, Attorney and former Member of Parliament in response to allegations contained in The Tribune and The Punch publications of Thursday 10th March 2016:

The Bahamian people would know that for almost three years since it was revealed and documented as an easily verifiable fact that Louis Bacon is the great grandson of Colonel Roger Moore, the murderous leader and founder of the Ku Klux Klan in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, I have been the subject and the object of vicious allegations, dangerous and lying assertions, fraudulent and deceptive labeling and a plethora of questionable activities before the Courts in The Bahamas and in the State of New York, USA as well as in the printed media, in Bacon’s effort as to shut me down and cause me irreparable harm and hardship.

The Bahamian people would also know that this exposure of Louis Bacon was triggered by his own shameless and despicable boast at the Audubon Society in New York in 2013 when he, in accepting an Award there which I continue to claim was gained on false premises, said that his “Holy Book” was the racist tome “Gone with the Wind”, a reprehensible novel which glorified the Jim Crow evils of slavery and racial discrimination, and projected the American Southern confederacy’s insistence to go to Civil War rather than to free their Negro (Black) Slaves.

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