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(Responding to an editorial in the Freeport news)


The following note was written by Fred Mitchell MP in response to an editorial in the Freeport News on Sir Albert Miller which was published on Thursday `15th October:


albertI wish to identify with the words and sentiments expressed about Sir Albert Miller published in your editorial on Thursday 15th October.

I believe that he has lived a good life and it was a life well lived.  At 88, cialis sovaldi he is going strong and we wish him many many more.

It is amazing when one considers where he has come from.  He is a Long Islander.  In today’s Long Island, discount viagra we consider things to be somewhat remote from the modernity of New Providence and Grand Bahama but consider what it must have been when he was a boy. He has come a mighty long way indeed.


He is a business icon and has achieved enviable success as a  civic leader in our country. Recently, he retired as the Chair of the oil company Focal.  This is an example of the story of the social mobility which was possible in our country and which is what we in today’s Bahamas ought to be striving to continue.  It should be possible to move from the bottom socio economic group to the top within your life time by dint of hard work, fortune and  the public policies of the country in which you were born and grew up.

He did not know his mother.  She died when he was a baby.  Sir Albert tells the story of his being taken home to Long Island when he was six month old baby during the 1926 hurricane and in the storm falling overboard.  He was rescued by a man during the storm.   His mother was badly traumatized by the storm and she died within a year.  He was raised by his beloved older sister who herself lived to be in her 90s. From that small baby who almost drowned, we have the man we have today.

The young police constable today, should be able to aspire to not only become Commissioner of  Police but to be captain of industry and business because men like Sir Albert Miller did it.

When I was a youngster, my parents chose some friends and benefactors for me.  Amongst them was Sir Albert Miller and no matter what, through  the vagaries of politics, activism, civic life, he has been a constant shadow and a protector.

These days, Friday is a day that I often spend with him.  And in the exchanges between us, one thinks of the opportunities lost or put another way what could have happened.  What could have happened was that he could have been Commissioner of Police.  Sadly his aim to get that job was never to be, given the changing political order in our country but instead he took a job in Freeport.  The rest as they say is history, ending up as  Chair of the Grand Bahama Port Authority and leading the city of Freeport through its golden age. He was friend and advisor to all Prime Ministers of this country

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It is important therefore for us to be able to acknowledge that fact while he can still smell the roses.  He is by dint of that leadership in Freeport, not only a shaper of the future of Grand Bahama but also of our Bahamas.

Nothing and no one in life is perfect but what is clear is that he did his best and for that there is the affection of many for a Bahamian life well lived.

I join in with the sentiments of the editorial and congratulate the editor for writing it.  I express my personal thanks and gratitude.


Fred Mitchell MP

Fox Hill

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration