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When they were Senators, Ministers, and MPs under the thumb of Hubert Minnis as Prime Minister they had nary a word to say on nothing.  Now that the PLP has gotten rid of Dr. Minnis and they are free as birds, they are singing like canaries.  Every week they have something to say.  The latest now is Kwasi Thompson and his crocodile tears for the people of Grand Bahama and Abaco who they so neglected after hurricane Dorian.  Suddenly, Kwasi Thompson MP is interested in their welfare when the FNM built not one house in the post Dorian era in either Grand Bahama or Abaco.  He at least admits in his statement that the PLP built 5 but they built none.  The problem they are responding to is the fact that the special duty free exemption for reconstruction and recovery is expiring at the end of the month and three years after the fact people are still crying that they need the exemption.  The Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Grand Bahama say that at some point the exemptions have to come to an end.  We are getting toward a period of normalcy and that any exemptions that are needed can still be processed on a case by case basis.  But no that isn’t good enough for dear Kwasi.  He is shouting from the rooftops that it ain’t fair but he can’t point out what ain’t fair.