Labour Minister Says Minimum Wage To Go Up

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tadalafil capsule times;”>Speaking in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 17th June, generic cialis site Labour Minister Shane Gibson says that the minimum wage should go up to 210 dollars per week from the present 150 per week.

and times;”>Here is what he told the House as reported by The Tribune:

 “There are many in the private sector, in the trade union movement who would like more. (But) everybody recognises that we are now just coming out of a recession. We are now turning the corner as the prime minister has said. It was important for us to reach a compromise and this is fully supported by the Chamber of Commerce. What we have to do moving forward is to put ourselves in a position where we could constantly monitor and review the minimum wage where we won’t allow another 14, 12, 13 years to pass before we have another increase in the minimum wage. And so we will rely on information from the Department of Statistics. We will rely on information provided from the Chamber of Commerce and Employers Federation. We will rely on information provided by the National Council of Trade Unions and the Bahamas’ Trade Union Congress and they recommended that to us, so we accept it. We will move on and we will have it reviewed again to see how we could increase in the future.

 “Every merchant throughout the Bahamas should be happy for this increase. Unlike those individuals like us making plenty of money, these people who make the minimum wage spend all their money and I could understand why Super Value and Solomon’s and all of these business places could appreciate this increase because every single dollar made by these individuals will be spent. They have no room to save money. That is why we think it was widely accepted and we look forward to reviewing this again in the very near future. It is the view of this PLP government that this increase in the minimum wage is long overdue and will be welcomed by the working people of the Bahamas. I will add that while the government may not totally be satisfied with the figure that is being recommended, in light of the current economic situation we have decided to use it at this time.

 “It is hoped that once the resolution to increase the minimum wage is adopted by both houses of Parliament, our government will amend the Minimum Wage Act whereby national minimum wage will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it keeps pace with the cost of living and never again citizens have to wait 13 years to see an increase.”