Lashan Gray Causes Embarrasment For The Bahamas

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viagra generic salve times;”>On Friday night  21st August, capsule Air Ambulance, doctor the ambulance service that picks up patients for emergency flights in The Bahamas, was told that they could not come to Grand Bahama to pick up a premature baby because the airport would close at 10 pm.  We hope that the air traffic controllers don’t have something bigger on their conscience as a result of that than the displacement of tourists in an already devastated economy  as a result of their stupid and selfishness on Tuesday  18th August. The press reported  that on Tuesday, a Sunwing Airlines flight carrying 186 passengers headed for Grand Bahama had to be diverted to the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau because it would have arrived after the 10pm services deadline. The passengers had to spend the night in Nassau at the expense of  the company and then flown to Freeport the next day.  Lashan Gray, the hard headed and reckless leader of the Air Traffic Controllers Union, was unrepentant.  She said it was the government’s fault for not paying them the overtime they were owed.