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Wayne Munroe Q C

On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, Senator Fred Mitchell has welcomed the action of Wayne Munroe Q C to challenge the lawfulness of the orders and the proclamation in the Covid 19 crisis.  The public has lost patience with the matter.  This puts them at odds with the government.  The challenge is a representative action, like class actions in the United States.  It seeks amongst other things to declare unlawful all the crimes which the Prime Minister made up during this crisis.  The names of the other lawyers joining him are: Damian Gomez Q C, Wallace Rolle, Christina Galanos, Uel Johnson, Ryan Brown, Devard Francis, Claude Hanna, Damian White, David P Cash, Alex Morley, Jomo Campbell, Owen Wells, Kahlil Parker, Regina Bonaby, Robyn Lynes, Ryszard Humes, Keith Seymour and Meryl Glinton. Good luck to them.