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Statement From Chairman of The PLP
On Layoffs in Grand Bahama 

For Immediate Release

28 June 2019

The PLP is saddened by the news that 40 or more persons have been laid off from Pharma Chem in Freeport. This is yet another gut punch for the city and the island of Grand Bahama.

What surprises us is that the Minister of Labour was in Parliament along with the Minister of State for Grand Bahama and neither of them intimated that this was coming. We want to know was the government aware of this in advance. Does the government know why? What relief is there for these people now dismissed?

This action today by Pharma Chem seems to give the lie to any of the propaganda points about a turn around in this city. We again say that the Government of the FNM with five MPs for Grand Bahama and three ministers from Grand Bahama should put money on the ground in Grand Bahama.