Leslie Miller Says Some Things On NHI And Marching

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discount cialis decease times;”>Leslie Miller is one of the main back bench supporters of the National Health Insurance plan of The Bahamas government.  Here is what he had to say in his own words to the head of the private insurances association who is urging the government not to go ahead with the programme they presently propose and also what he had to say about his colleagues in the House of Assembly on murderers:

At the Funeral Of Teacher Joyelle McIntosh (The Nassau Guardian)

3rd December 2015

You have a responsibility as a friend to force those of us who have the responsibility of representing you from the halls of Parliament to do the right thing and it’s time that you all stop sitting down , stop taking it.

Go to Bay Street and Demand a difference.

On National Health Insurance ( The Tribune)

2nd December 2015

 “He [Emmanuel Komolafe the Bahamas Insurance Association’s (BIA) chairman] needs to head back to his country and see what he could implement there. He is not one of us, so I don’t appreciate him (Mr. Komolafe) trying to dictate to us what we should do. He needs to haul his a back to his country and make a contribution there.


“He wants the government to implement his plan, that plan isn’t for the Bahamian people. The government’s plan is for the people, the insurance companies’ plan is for them. They will continue to threaten the people and threaten the government right up until the ballot box closes at 6pm on Election Day.”