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Donna and Noelle Nichols at their Crisis Centre Press Conference

It is hard to believe anything that this pair is connected to. Their names Donna and Noelle Nichols.  The mother is a naturalized Bahamian originally from Jamaica and the daughter is Bahamian but a Jamaicaphile.  For the second time in this year this pair who work at the Crisis Centre which is supposed to help and protect abused women, were involved in a high profile exposure of problems with Jamaican women in The Bahamas.  The first case was when the daughter wrote a story about a woman allegedly raped by an Immigration officer now up before the courts.  The thing took a funny turns.  The lady complainant went to the crisis centre for help.  The daughter Noelle ended up writing a story under her byline in the Jamaica Observer.  Something was wrong with that.  At the same time that she was writing this story presumably for pay, she was on the government’s payroll as a contractor for the Junkanoo Carnival.  It also seemed to us that it was a violation of the confidentiality of the woman what the younger Ms. Nicholls did. It showed a lot about how you can’t serve two masters.  Fast forward to the allegations today. The lady and her mother claim that there is discrimination and profiling of Jamaicans in The Bahamas.  They claimed that the people were abused, 11 women in a police lock up.  The police she said told the Bahamas to go one side the Jamaicans to the next.  She said that they were made to sleep on the floor in the cell at Central Police station and that they had to urinate in the cell and sleep near the urine.  Problem is the people who are telling the story have no credibility.  It is interesting that the head of the crisis centre Sandra Dean Patterson was nowhere in sight for this press conference.  The pair then released photos with blacked out face taken inside the police lock-up, using cell phones, presumably against the rules of a police lock up.   The official position is that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell spoke to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jamaica on Thursday 10th December with regard to the matter and the mater is under investigation.  But this pair has to answer for their ethics, loyalty and lack thereof. It goes to their credit or the lack thereof.    We also think that separating Bahamians in a police lineup from Jamaicans is not profiling, it is simply efficient processing.  Obviously Bahamians would not have immigration issues.  In addition,   the fact is no charges were brought; in our view they should have been. These 11 women were found by the police in a club that did not have a license to be open to four a. m.  They were found at 3 a. m. on a Saturday morning.  When they were found; they were in various stages of nakedness, performing fellatio, panties off, and “grinding” as we say in The Bahamas, and they all scrambled and ran as the police entered the place.  What were they doing there?  You whistle we will point.  The other complaint the police deny is that the Honorary Consul was denied access to them. They say the Consul was there at the start and was there until the processing was done. Any way the Nichols women are intent on making a federal case out of this to the discredit of The Bahamas. Seems to usher shame. The shame is on the Nichols them.  We side with Leslie Miller on this one with regard to this Nichols pair: they are bunch of fakes and phonies.