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cialis sale discount times;”>leslie_miller
sildenafil times;”>Leslie Miller MP PLP for Tall Pines says he is for Philip Davis as leader of the PLP but he doesn’t like all the back and forth and the nastiness.  He spoke on the Steve McKinney programme Hard Talk on 22nd September as reported by the Nassau Guardian:

“ I would say right now that he swords are out, the edges are sharp, and there is probably going to be some casualties along the way.

But I want people to be wary of the fact that the battle; and the war does not end until those pols close at 6 p m.

I little concern to these conventions.  My concern is the general election. That is where the Bahamian people decide who is going to be who. 

Mr. Christie may be challenged for the leadership, but all of those positions remember are open.  Once convention starts anyone has the right to challenge for any position in the party.  It’s been that way since inception.

Mr. Davis is 64 years old.  If he is going to get a shot at being Prime Minister this is probably his last shot that he can get because let’s face it, next general election he will be 66.

My view in Mr. Davis’ ability to lead our party has not diminished one single iota. 

I still think he has what it takes to lead the Progressive Liberal Party and to lead our country.

I go through my constituency every week and I talk to the women, who are the bread winners in most of the homes.  What they say to me is Mr Miller, I don’t feel the government..

I what ‘ what do you mean?’  They say: ‘ I don’t feel they appreciate what we are going through as a people.  There is no feeling.

The last time I heard that said to me consistently was when we got slaughtered in the 1992 election.”