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I am perplexed that after 2 weeks the phobic remarks of Mr. Bennett Minnis, a long serving MCM of the FNM,  havn’t been condemned by the party’s leaders and the lost Chairma Mr. Carl Culmer, who has a voice in everything beyond his pay grade. He has not addressed the racist mesogenic comments of Mr. Minnis, who has been the Chairman of Mount Moriah from the inception of that constituency, and also serves as a Director of the Water and Sewerage Corporation. Why wasn’t he asked to resign or do the honourable thing in tendering his resignation as honourable men do? His myopic views in this technological age are outdated as he, in making such stupid statements, leaves one to wonder if this is the type of leadership that we need today. Instead of educating the populace, your spewing of hate and  racist views is not what one would expect from a seasoned politician.

My disappointment is how quiet the leadership has been on this!!!

Kelly D Burrows

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!