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The Prime Minister claiming credit for the solar project at the parking lot Q E Sports Centre

EDITOR, The Tribune

Kudos to Hon Fred Mitchell for the insight when he was Foreign Minister of persuading the UAE to make the $4million donation and yesterday the largest solar generating unit was opened officially – of course the Minnis government made no mention or reference to the work of Mr Mitchell – would never expect that.

Comments during the ceremony – 30% reusables by 2030? Why by 2030 that’s more than 10 years time… surely Nassau it should be the highest priority as it is on Nassau the highest BPL bills are – the most people live and suffer from BPL and even with the Wasilla engines costs will be the same – for at least two-years they will run on Bunker C…yes still have those surcharges!

Interesting comment was….Energy reform is one of the key goals monitored and supported by the Prime Minister’s delivery Unit in OPM…can someone explain that if this project – total solar was managed by Minister Ferreira and his technical people like Dr Rhianna Neely-Murphy – very highly qualified and dedicated to solar – clean environment and cost effective.

Why should we see paying for 10-years bills for bunker C from BPL? Solar Now should be the cry from OPM Delivery Unit not waiting 10 years! Roughly $10,000.00! Thanks BPL!



19 March 2019.