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EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Bahamas and indeed the world watched in horror while the inept speaker of the House of Assembly of the Bahamas, Halston Moultrie scuttled what we know to be the Halls of Parliament, where laws are made in the best interest of all Bahamians.

Yesterday, the awkward behaviour of Moultrie politically assassinating democracy was done, in broad daylight for all in the Bahamas to see, while the whole world watched in shock.

The Speaker is supposed to be impartial, he also is expected to conduct the proceedings to make sure that no one is disadvantaged. The mental attitude of anyone in such a position should not be in question.

Here of late, ill-chosen Moultrie seems to be adamant that he would frustrate the opposition at every turn and at all cost. Ray Charles could see his heavy-handedness on the opposition has now become the norm.

Not so long ago, clumsy Moultrie while trying to castigate Glenis Hanna Martin, disrespected the wife of the leader of the opposition, unheard of by any previous speaker in the history of the Bahamas.

In my opinion the highly emotional and crude behaviour of the ejecting of Mr. Phillip Brave Davis happened without the full appreciation that on Black Tuesday, 55 years ago on the same date, the Progressive Liberal Party had had enough of being taken advantage of, by a white oppressive and dictatorial government, threw the mace and hourglass out of the House window.

Moultrie in his ignorance seemed blinded by his unusual behaviour for a man, over-reached by calling for the sergeant at arms to remove Davis, who was only guilty of insisting on speaking on behalf of the Bahamian people.

Mr. Davis should have been being respected and allowed to speak, at such an important and crucial time as this. The government should have welcomed his participation, especially since the PM has been screaming for togetherness or at least the appearance of it.

The most reasonable conclusion is that they are only paying lip service to unity. The mystery, however, has there been a calculated plan to silence the opposition?

Unenviable Moultrie was so predictable, that Mr. Davis had a copy of a cartoon caricature by Stan Burnside’s Sideburns “donkey fuming through the nose, hanging out of the House of Assembly building”, in his hand to display while he was leaving.

The speaker’s behaviour was anticipated and a detriment to democracy!

The FNM’s train is being derailed while all are watching. I call on right-thinking FNMs, those who have one ounce of integrity and compassion for the Bahamas in their soul, to condemn the speaker for his unnecessary, unprovoked, cavalier behaviour on Black Tuesday’s 55th anniversary.

Partisan politics cannot override common decency, democracy, and what’s best for the Bahamas.

I would be flabbergasted if there are FNMs who would find a way to justify why this disgusting and politically embarrassing thing occurred.

Maybe Moultrie remaining in his position is a plan by the government to frustrate the opposition, but naivety is dangerous.

Unless we all are fools, we must conclude that the retarded behaviour of the Speaker will have dire consequences.

History did repeat itself!

As far as Mr. Moultrie is concerned, the Bahamian people have come to accept, that because of his apparent very low self-esteem and his own shortcomings, we expect far worse if he is allowed to remain in the capacity to wreak havoc on the parliament.

His ineptness has become his calling card. We have lived long enough to see that the bombastic behaviour when Moultrie was in the political wilderness looking for recognition, he was just lobbying for a chance to show his true colours.

We get it!

Time to grow up “Hallymouch”, this is not the Priory, where you bullied your way, taking advantage of better basketball players by “brute force”, using your weight and height to gain a physical advantage.

Time to use finesse, employ the skills that would enhance the atmosphere to help steer the debate toward what is best for all of us. Then and only then would you serve a purpose, otherwise, the private practice may be your best bet to get some result that you can be proud of.

The clear indication that our basic rights are being trampled upon by the consistent behaviour of the Speaker and other subtle innuendos by others, I am compelled to speak.

I cannot and will not be deterred from speaking truth to power, even if I have to go it alone. My conscience needs to be cleared at all times.

As always, I fear God only, forever



29 April 2020