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buy viagra find times;”>Dear Sirs:

viagra sale pills times;”>The courts freed two people that the government believed were a security risk.  The Immigration Minister asked why?  He said that he would seek an investigation. The columnist in Tribune said that the Minister was off his rocker.  Here might be an appropriate reply:

physician times;”>“It takes a fucking nut case to know a fucking nut case.  That is a message that needs to be sent to The Tribune columnist who masquerade as a commentator of note.  He has been hanging around the frantic Fred Smith too much and has adopted his foolish way of behaving.  In a statement in response to the comments of the Foreign Minister about the crazy release of two men from prison who are considered a security risk to The Bahamas, he claimed that the Foreign Minister was off his rocker.  We don’t speak for Fred Mitchell but an appropriate comment to Mr. Gibson is : Ya ma off her fuckin rocker!  You stupid effen wooly head slave”

Michael B. Jones