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What we cannot figure out is why the Bahamas Christian Council is always falling into error and nonsense by engaging in homophobic rants. In the last referendum campaign, to give women the rights they deserve as equal to men , some homophobic and intellectually dishonest pastors engaged in the same pattern that we now see in response to the gay pride parade that is planned by the homosexual community in The Bahamas for this month.

The Pastor Lyall Bethel, the late Myles Munroe, Pastor Mario Moxey and Bishop Walter Hanchell were instrumental in derailing the equality for women amendments by equating them with the issue of same sex marriage.

They should be denounced in history for it.

The country does not need to be distracted by nonsense. The people want to have a parade. They are free to do so.  If you don’t like the parade, you don’t have to watch it.

Instead, the Christian Council has now announced that it is going to his an anti- gay rally.  The next thing you know some jackass  did a video tape in which he threatened violence against gay people in The Bahamas. Not a single clergyman or woman spoke up against that.  So the message which goes out is that the Christian Council, emphasis on Christian, condones violence against gay people.

There was a man on the street interview by The Tribune which seemed to indicate that most people thought that the Christian Council was misdirected in its views and that there were more important issues in the country.  Others thought it was just a manufactured distraction from  the real problems which the government had with a murder rate that they cannot seem to get under control. 

Let us be quite clear, we support the march. We support freedom of speech, expression and association and we do not condone in any way these preachers and their false and misdirected concerns about our morals.

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