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The problem is Richard Lightbourn MP is tone deaf to racial issues. He says whatever is on his mind, not understanding that he is a white man in The Bahamas with a history of racial discrimination. He is blind to that fact or chooses to ignore it, or thinks it is unimportant. So he can make a patently stupid and insensitive statement without realizing what the issue is in the history of our country: racism. Here is what he said in his own words on 28 July at the FNM’s convention:

“It is also necessary for us as a nation to consider adopting the lead of several countries in the world which result in unwed mother having her tubes tied after having more than two children, which would in the end result in fewer children being born. The state should not have the burden of paying for the upbringing of children.

“By adopting such measures, there will be less classrooms needed in the future, less out of school every year seeking employment and would also result in the mother of these children being able to live a better life, not having to bring up so many children.

“Many young women have five and six children many of whom are born out of wedlock. Many of the fathers of those children have little involvement in the child’s upbringing either emotional or financial.

“The laws of our country and the legal system is such the father is not likely to be compelled to assist financially in the upbringing of the child.”