LILLA ANGELINA MITCHELL 24 DECEMBER 1922 – 4 MAY 1999 – From 4 May 1999

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Note from the Publisher
Lilla A. Mitchell, mother of this columnist ( Fred Mitchell) is dead.  She collapsed on Tuesday 4 May at 99 Collins Avenue, her home since 1953.  She is survived by her husband Frederick A. Mitchell Sr., her children including this columnist, Robert Ian, Marva and Mathew Mitchell and Carla Mitchell-Seymour.  She had nine grandchildren.  Simply put a great  light has gone out of the lives of our family.  We are comforted to some extent that her long period of suffering, and devastating, unrelenting and unmanageable pain is over. We miss her terribly but we live in the expectation that we shall meet again. On behalf of our family, we appreciate all the words of encouragement and sympathy that have been received during this week.