Lincoln Bain Cries Crocodile Tears for Senator Rolle

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Lincoln Bain

It is interesting what people will do for a nomination and to get to the House of Assembly.  There must be gold in that House.  Lincoln Bain taped without her knowledge the conversation that he had with Senator Lonisha Rolle.  The conversation was then shared and leaked to the public.  He said to the press last week he did it in self-defence because he thought she was setting him up.  The result is that Senator Rolle was dismissed or forced to resign when the MPs got wind of what she had said about the Leader of the Opposition’s strategy. The problem we have is what she said did not amount to a hill of beans and why would Hubert Minnis, her leader agree to let her go.  This is his ally.  He has let another ally loose and put  Dr. Duane Sands in the Senate who he has to know is a stalking horse for Hubert Ingraham.  As late as last week, he was reportedly in Abaco meeting with Hubert Ingraham.  Anyway that is the FNM’s business but Mr. Bain now has a reputation for taping people without their permission.  That is not good to develop that reputation.  Mr. Bain said he  has no ill will toward Senator Rolle and he thinks that she will do well.  Boo hoo!  Yeah right!