Lincoln Bain Is Denounced by Former DNA Candidate

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They Didn’t Know Who Ethric Bowe Was

One of the things you try and teach yourself in politics is not to believe your own propaganda. In this context, the DNA in its desperate search for candidates accepted the propaganda that Lincoln Bain was universally popular and since he was discarded in a huff by the FNM complete with a staged resignation of the FNM Branch in Pinewood that he would be universally accepted within the DNA. The DNA did not do its due diligence and now you have Ethric Bowe, the former Southern Shores candidates lashing out and calling the arty a collection of crooks, since they have adopted uncritically Lincoln Bain. It is not for us to get into their row but the comments by Mr. Bowe as he is leaving the door smack of bad form. One must ask the question when did he know that the DNA was a collection of crooks and what did he do about it? Further, kissing and telling is simply bad form. But it was only a matter of time, had Branville McCartney and Chris Mortimer, the Leaders of the DNA did their due diligence. They would have known that Mr. Bowe has a history of turning on those who is once a part of. Just count to ten and before you reach ten, he will have struck. There is always something amiss, not right and he is the only one in the world who can get it right and can do the right thing. Everyone else is always at fault. So the DNA should not be surprised or hurt or baffled by what he has just done. That’s just him. Now as to the substance of what he said, well that is quiet another thing. It appears that the DNA is now damaged brand….sooo who is corrupt now? Here is what The Tribune reported on 13 January about why Mr Bowe resigned in his own words:
13 January
“It needs to be stated firmly, I, along with several other persons who lost out on that deal with Lincoln (Bain) made it known that if he was ratified by the FNM we would show up and campaign against him because of what he did,” Mr Bowe said.

“I cannot be on a platform with a person like that. It is hard for me to be a DNA if he is a DNA candidate because I know what he represents and I cannot stand for it or with him.

“And it hurts me to say this because I was so excited about what the DNA was doing for this country. But this, it ruins all of that positive work because I know what this man stands for. He doesn’t represent the accounting, accountability and transparency model we need moving forward.”

“When (Mr Bain) entered the bus I asked several party officers what was his reason for being there. No one could say, so I asked the Chairman directly and he informed me of the party’s decision. I left shortly after.

“My mother always told us when we were young; had the crows not been found, we would have all been safe and sound. That means you would never find me in bad company.”