Lionel Haven Responds To His Banning

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Last week, we reported that Lionel Haven, a famous name in soccer in The Bahamas, was banned for five years from soccer and fined 3000 euro for not disclosing to the International Football Association that money passed hands in a meeting to persuade the choice of a venue for an international meet. Mr. Haven spoke to the press in The Bahamas last week and said that the penalty was disproportionate.  He said that it was also imposed without notice to him.  He said compared to what others had gotten who actually received cash, his penalty was inexplicable; he said he was being unfairly punished for doing the right thing. He stepped away from the meeting.  He admitted that he had heard that cash was passing hands.  He knew that the cash was returned by the Bahamas rep to the meeting.  He said for telling the truth he is to be punished.  The local executives stood by Mr. Haven’s version of the facts.  It is not known whether he intends to appeal the decision.