Local Government In A Mess

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Local Government Minister Renward Wells

Local Government elections in the Family Islands are scheduled to take place this month but clearly cannot.  The Government has not yet made the necessary steps in law to postpone the elections.  This is a lawless administration.

The Government has asked all local government authorities to send all money not expended back to the Treasury. This is part of the Covid 19 strictures. Problem is the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health keep asking Local Government officials to perform miracles with no money and the Government has not made the proper lawful appointments of local government administrators.

On 27 April 2020, we received a note asking us  to ask the Prime Minister to confirm the islands where they have secured a quarantine place not identified them; ask if beds are available; if oxygen tanks and other gear and equipment are there. Is the water on; is the electricity on; is the phone service on?

Strangely there is a lot of talk coming from the Minister of Health and Prime Minister referring to the Family Islands. In Bimini they are just now going around trying to find suitable buildings. Then there are some islands and districts that are without an Administrator hence information is not being circulated properly in these districts; no documents are being signed; there is financial confusion.

Even in the Deputy Prime Ministers’s Constituency, there is no Administrator in East Grand Bahama (or the City of Freeport ). The District Council is presently frustrated over this, coupled with Dorian confusion. This should be a part of your debate with the Government.

If Administrators are to head the Task Forces on the islands who is leading 

1.City of Freeport

2.East Grand Bahama

3.North Eleuthera

4.Spanish Wells

5.Harbour Island

6.Sweetings Cay

N.B. they have a Trainee Administrator in North Eleuthera assisting which is unlawful. The Acting Director Colebrooke is in charge of all those districts identified while managing the Department of Local Government with no Deputy Director or Assistant Director. There is pure chaos and uncertainty in the daily governance of the islands; official information is slow in coming and at times confusing as new orders come before they answer references to the old ones.