Locking Up A Man For Saying Minnis Gatta Go

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The following was posted by the Comedian Wellington Funny ( proper name Wellington Roberts) on his Facebook page following his arrest for leading the demonstration in the photo:

Good evening all, yesterday morning while participating in a peaceful protest speaking against the injustices all Bahamians are currently facing. I was ordered to be arrested out of a crowd of almost [200] individuals, allegedly for “insisting (sic.) a riot & disorderly behaviour”. As a result I was booked into the central police station where I was charged, interviewed and sent to court the following morning. I went before a magistrate court where I was represented by (2) attorneys, I pleaded “not guilty” to both charges and was remanded to [Bahamas Corrections] because I could only apply for “bail” in a “Supreme Court”. Fortunately for me I had great illegal representation and was able to receive bail immediately. I was issued a court date and released until then, God was truly working in my favour from my “point of arrest”💯🇧🇸 Thank you to my attorneys, the “RBPF” who kept me well, all my fans, my friends and love ones that were there in my support. Some persons never even wanting to leave the police station until I was released. To the powers against me in this fight against injustice of Bahamians, you’ve only made me stronger and this is only the beginning. I prayed while in custody for my path to be made clear, now I see my future like yesterday. I am a Bahamian and this is my land, I will continue to fight for the rights of all no matter what💯🇧🇸 “Bahamas Strong”.

Ps, the biggest most exciting show of my life will be going live tomorrow night@9pm🤣🤣🤣 I have to tell y’all how I was almost made a gang leader on “Nassau Street, Cell Block”🤣🤣🤣🤣 And much, much more…