Lord Don’t Stop The Carnival

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viagra sale store times;”>Trinidad Artist Machel Montano coming to the Bahamas Carnival



order times;”>bahamenComplain, pharm complain, complain. That seems to be the order of the day with regard to the Junkanoo carnival.   The first bit of misinformation was that the Carnival will cost taxpayers 9 million dollars.  Turns out it will be less than four million. So said Tourism consultant Perry Vola Francis, who is the brainchild with Winston Gus Cooper of this project and the leader of the Saxons Junkanoo group.  Second bit of misinformation is that 2 million was going to be paid to bring in Janet Jackson.  That turned out to be false.  The third bit of misinformation is that the Trinidad Soca Artist Machel Montano was going to get 100,000 dollars for his trouble. Not true again. The Commission running the festival told The Tribune on 1st April the following:
“The commission said the base rate for musicians is approximately $300 an hour per performer or band member. While the BNFC is being guided by established market values, we also appreciate the need to build value within our own artistic community and are acting accordingly. That is why the guest artists for the Music Masters Concert, Machel Montano and Baha Men are being paid comparable rates, unlike the incorrect information reported in the press. Neither artist is being paid $100, 000,” Of course in this country, the word is “don’t let the truth interfere with a good story.”  We only add: “Lord don’t stop the Carnival.”