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tadalafil ambulance times;”>sarkisIt is clear that in some way the Bahamar Cable Bach hotel project is some deep doo do.  Yep the speculation is that the project, sildenafil the invention of Sarkis Izmirlian, cheap the Armenian merchant, who lives in Lyford Cay, does not have the money to complete the project. 

In the mainstream press and the social media, they put the figure of 250 million dollars are what is needed to finish it and it does not seem that he has a plan to come up with it.  The press said that the Prime Minister was engaged all week in talks to see if the “dispute” between the developer Mr. Izmirlian and the contractor China Construction can be resolved so the project can finish.  This is so important to the country and the PLP if it requires the government to step in and knock heads they should do so.  If it requires finding a new developer for the project, the government should find one. 

There is not a lot of public sympathy for Mr. Izmirlian who has made it seem like he is doing the country a favour on this one.  He is at odds with his immediate neighbour Breezes.  He is at odds with the government over the payments owed on paving the road.  He owes BEC a whole heap of millions.  He is at odds with the Union.  He is at odds with the government.  He is at odds with the contractor.  One can only imagine how much he is at odds with everyone and their grandmother.

The government has enough at stake in this though that they must step in, even if it means finding a new developer for the project. 

What really concerns us is that the present situation could very well lead to the developer without so much as a by your leave laying off the young people who are now working on the facility, newly hired excited.  You can just see that coming down the road.  Step in, enough is enough.