Loretta Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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What is Loretta Butler Turner’s future in politics?  We don’t want her to be able to retort that reports of her death are greatly exaggerated.  It does seem to us though that if she were in a  chess game, her opposite number would be saying “ check”, not checkmate but be warned, the end is near.  She was in the press all last week thrashing about herself explaining and explaining and not getting very far.  By week’s end, she told The Nassau Guardian that we would again be surprised by the coalition that she is putting together with other parties.  She said that the DNA who had earlier rejected her overtures was not the only game in town. It appears that she is talking to Gatekeepers and to Greg Moss’ the former PLP MP who has something called the United Democratic Movement.  This means that if that group comes together, they will fight the election as one but forgive this but they don’t add up all together to a cup of warm spit.  Mrs. Butler Turner during the week had to deny that she would join up with the PLP.  And yet as strange as it seems, her only hope of winning in Long Island is to pray God that the Prime Minister cuts a deal with her to not put a candidate in Long Island so that she can have a hope.  The PLPs in Long Island are dead set against that.  So if that door is shut, then checkmate for Loretta.