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cialis canada times;”>Description: http://www.thenassauguardian.com/images/stories/fnm%20butlerturner.jpg 

viagra canada times;”>The Tribune reported these words of Loretta Butler Turner FNM MP about the Leader of her party Dr. Hubert Minnis and his role in the failure of the  referendum on 7 June In her own words are reported on 9th June:

“ He should have stood by his original convictions and not shift mid-stream depending on which way the wind blows.

 The refusal to state his position was very disconcerting especially since the FNM has historically been the party that has supported gender equality. 

“I believe that when you determine you are going to do something and you make agreements and you make public announcements, you should stand by what you say. I feel the leader of our party should have stood by the convictions that he originally said the party line will take. 

 “I feel as though Prime Minister Perry Christie should be blamed, but the FNM is trying to be the alternative government and leaders stand by their convictions and are very clear in their directions for those of us who are being guided by them. It was disconcerting because the FNM has historically been the party that has supported the referendum. We brought the very first one (in 2002) and we are also the party that introduced many firsts for women in this country.” 

 “This country is young and still has room for growth. I think when you are in a leading role, consistency is a huge part of your credibility. As a leader you have to make a decision and stand firm, sometimes you are on the right side, sometimes you are on the wrong side but you have to be on a side. 

 “I have no issues with the vote, it is (the) art of democracy and hopefully it can be revisited.”