Loretta Complains She Was Threatened

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viagra generic unhealthy times;”>It is hard not to be cynical when it comes to Loretta Butler Turner.  You never know if what you are dealing with is it seriously or whether it is being a drama queen engaged in distracting histrionics.  Case in point her statement on Thursday 16th December after a hard day at the House the day before that she had been threatened. According to her, capsule she received a note at the FNM HQ which said that if she did not resign they would stab her with an ice pick and blow her head off. The matter was rightly and seriously referred to the Speaker for action by the police.  But many question the sincerity of it because when the Prime Minister spoke about his own security concerns, the FNM simply laughed it off.  The point is in this country politicians are subject to threats on their lives all the time. Given the atmosphere in the country this is not surprising. Few people take it seriously. Perhaps they should, given how people are getting their heads blown off for less.   The other question is whether or not publicizing it is going to help catch who did it, which one supposes is the point of it all.  Politically it simply feeds into the FNM’s narrative that the country is unsafe.  Bottom line, the jury is still out on the complaint:  its authenticity and sincerity.