Loretta Loses It Over Sarkis

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Loretta Butler Turner MP for Long Island for the FNM, buy viagra and the chief motor mouth for the FNM, was in the press last week running her mouth as usual and embarrassing herself and her party.  Last week Sarkis Ismerlian, the ousted developer of Bahamar, was in the press saying that he would best the offer of those who had bid to buy the hotel and that he would pay off all the Bahamian creditors.  Loretta Butler Turner came to his defence and said that the Government should listen to the offer.  Wait a minute though.  How about some stubborn facts.  First, the developer did not pay the bank his mortgage payments.  The bank repossessed and then sold the company in a bidding process. The Courts have since ordered the complete winding up of the companies.  Mr. Ismerlian has no standing in the matter.  He is utterly irrelevant.  The only people who do not know that are Mr. Ismerlian himself and Loretta Butler Turner apparently.  The employees are all paid off.  The building contractor is mobilized and the rebuilding effort is about to start.  Mr. Ismerlian needs to go quietly into that good night before proving that he is a greater jackass than people already think he is.  Loretta Butler Turner would do well to protect her flank in Long Island and stop getting in big people’s business.