Loretta Sits Out As Minnis Says

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The only proven case of corruption is FNM corruption. One man Fred Ramsay, an FNM former candidate, was convicted of taking a bribe of 300,000 dollars to buy defective machines for Bahamas Electricity Corporation.  They don’t talk about that, What is Minnis talking about?  He says he will deal with the corruption of the PLP.  What about the mote in his own eye?

Meanwhile, the defeated candidate for leader of the FNM, Loretta Butler Turner MP was so mad on the last night of the convention that she sat in the TV booth with the technicians on the evening of 28th July rather than listen to the olive branch being extended by Dr. Minnis to give her back her nomination for Long Island.

Here is what he said in his own words:

“Tonight we offer the olive branch once again to our sister Loretta Butler Tuner, who I’m certain will be our candidate in Long Island with my full support.

“We have undergone a lot over the last few years.

“Our internal politics have been made bare for all the world to see and it’s not been pretty, but through it all we have maintained our integrity and focused on the points that unite us.

“My medical colleague and political colleague, we work close together in the hospital and I must say that on many occasions when I ran into surgical difficulties in areas that are outside my domain, Sands was there for me. Each of these worthy leaders are qualified and possess the experience to rescue this nation and to contribute mightily to its future success. It is our hope that they will accept our offer to continue being a valuable part of this leadership team. We have made significant offers to both to demonstrate our commitment to them and we earnestly hope they accept.”