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cialis sale cure times;”>image004Fred Mitchell MP speaking on his annual visit with the PLP Branch of Long Island said the following on Friday 14th August:

“Be assured that the government sees the future of Long island as pivotal to the success of our nation.

I regret the crude and unfortunate behavior of your representative which often gets in the way of progress for this island.   She does not know the lesson that it’s better to attract good things with a dab of honey than with a  bag of bile.  We continue to be focused however.

I have been an opposition MP and I think that notwithstanding party differences, there is goodwill on all sides to be sure that the best is done for our people. That is certainly the case for Long Island but her representation has not produced what it can for this island.  She needs to do better.  She needs to pay more attention to Long island.

The question she and her party has to answer in connection with Bahamar: is do they stand up and defend the Bahamas and Bahamians or are they always on the side of those who want to destroy our country?  That’s it plain and simple.  Recent events about the Cable Beach development once again bring into question whether she and they will stand up for Bahamians.  She can bellow and bark all she wants; she has to answer that question.  Does she stand up for Bahamians?”