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(Editor’s Note: There is a saying “ when thieves and rogues fall out, just men come to their deserts.” This is quite apt with the tirade by Louby Georges, whom we have in the past called Loopy Georges, because of his irrational slavish support of the Q C form hell named Fred Smith who we hope is not convalescing in a hospital in Italy but moving closer to meet his maker.  Mr. Georges is pissed because the FNM government is pursuing a tough immigration policy and he believes that it is directed at Haitians. He had Haitian parents but having been born here is now a citizen of The Bahamas. Obviously this is quite painful for him because he vented his spleen against a fellow who calls himself a preacher named Kevin Harris.  Mr. Harris ( excuse us but can’t bring ourselves to actually call him “Reverend”) does not have the spirit of God within him. He is a mean man and spent much of the time when in Opposition attacking the PLP in the most mean spirited way. Mr. Georges and Mr. Harris were on the same side. Not so now. Mr. Harris is supporting the immigration policy. He steps out of line often as a now public servant putting his private opinions on his Facebook page.  His thoughts about Mr. Georges did not go down well and he penned his heartfelt reply:

Official Statement from Louby Georges reference Reverend Kevin Harris Director of B.I.S

It has recently come to my attention, that The Reverend Kevin Harris has in a most distasteful manner taken to social media in a tirade, inquiring about my citizenship and its authenticity. Sadly, this comes on the heels of voice note threats of harm to my person that I have reported to police only a week ago.

Needless to say, I am offended that a man that is responsible for the general informing duties of the wider Bahamian population, could find time for such frivolous, idle, hog wash and I wish to publicly cry shame on him. 

More importantly, the Bahamas is slightly a month pass the worst devastation we have ever seen as a nation, easily since the 1920s. We have had the largest recorded loss of life and missing person catastrophe in any of our life time; resulting in possibly the most massive humanitarian crisis and recovery effort, any nation in this region has seen since the violence visited upon Jamaica in the wake of Hurricane Gilbert.

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