Marvin Dames At The Heart Of Every Calamity

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Marvin Dames is the Minister of National Security.  In the Minnis administration, he seems to be untouchable. He has been at the centre of every political calamity for the Minnis administration and yet though judicially condemned and a failure as a Minister and a public figure, he continues to enjoy the Prime Minister’s protection. Think about it. He was condemned because he  misapplied himself in the case against former Senator Frank Smith. He survived.  Then he was involved in the promotion of Superintendent Deborah Thompson even though she was condemned by the words of her own mouth for fixing up the evidence in the Shane Gibson matter.  He survived that.  Now Duane Sands, himself disgraced and out of office tells us that  the bodies that were listed there at 1208 and missing in Abaco after Dorian, suddenly the names disappeared from the list when it went to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and no one knows why.  Again, it is Marvin Dames and his Royal Bahamas Police Force in the middle of it.