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Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security hates Clayton Fernander. Clayton Fernander, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, who used to tease Marvin Dames when they were both on the police force together that he had no number. This was a reference to the institutional revulsion in the police force for those who came into the force as direct entries.  Mr. Dames was among the first of them to come directly as an inspector, never serving in the subordinate or non-gazette ranks.  The policemen who have come up through the ranks believe that Mr. Dames is no real policeman.

Now that Mr. Dames is the Minister, it is time for revenge and his revenge is to send Mr. Fernander into a non-police job at the Ministry of Health. Mr. Fernander like his colleague before him Ken Strachan on legal advice is refusing to accept what he believes is a demotion or a constructive dismissal.

When you speak to the Minister, he claims that it is all above board and he harbours no ill will toward any policeman.

But one policeman remembers being asked  as he was being shunted out of the office of the minister whether he considered himself still relevant?

Another policeman remembers that  Frankie Campbell, another officer  now a minister of the government, whispering in the Commissioner of Police’s ear in plain sight: “ you know so and so is not with us”.  Then like night followed day, the Commissioner of Police asked that officer to leave the Force and go on vacation.

So this is our police force today. The Force is being run by insecure begrudgeful incompetent men.  There is no wonder that money is being wasted and crime continues to spiral out of control.

Hate cannot drive public policy. Personal grudges are not a good way to run a police force. Hubert Ingraham knew something we didn’t know at the time when he decided that Ellison Greenslade would make a better commissioner than Marvin Dames. Mr. Dames though is wreaking vengeance on us all now that he is in the driver’s seat. We must get him out of office sooner rather than later.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 25th January, 2020 up to midnight:  168,652;
Number of hits for the month of January up to Saturday, 25th January, 2020 up to midnight:  573,191;
Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 25th January up to midnight:  573,191.